Our products are exclusively made in Italy!


Tailor-made gloves leather, of your favorite color and model.


Any shape and color hats, for each season.


Leather wallets for every need and preference.


The perfect choice for a precious and refined gift.


“I have been working in this sector for forty years. I inherited my passion, my care for repairs, my willingness to give advices, my smile and my patience, with professionalism from the previous shop’s owners. We are looking forward to welcoming you! We’ll be happy to advise you towards the best purchase.”

The owner

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Gloves, Custom Gloves, Lace Gloves, Peccary and Deer Gloves, Leather Gloves, Lamb and Mutton, Woolen Gloves, Satin Gloves, Gloves Crochet and Cotton, Suede and Crocodile Gloves, Mountain Gloves, Men’s and Women’s Gloves, Wool and Rain Hats, Men’s Underwear, Men’s Stockings, Men’s Belts, Women’s Cotton T-Shirts and Shirts, Men’s and Women’s Wallets, Fans, Moschino and Arcobaleno Umbrellas, Fashion Accessories, Scarfs and Scarves signed with silk and wool.

Among our prestigious brands you can find:
Alpo, Blumarine, Braccialini, Cavalli, Ermenegildo Zegna, Fendi, Ferré, Gay Mattiolo, Givenchy, Iceberg, 1ª Classe, Kenzo, Les Copains, Mazzoleni, Mila Schön, Moschino, Portolano, Restelli, Valentino.

The store

For more than a century Moda del Guanto deals with the gloves retailing.

In our store in Via  Santa Teresa 19, in the heart of Turin (near Piazza Solferino), we present a rich and exclusive selection of men’s and women’s gloves of the finest, elegant and sporty brands, all characterized by a fine workmanship and from the excellent yarn quality and raw materials.

The most demanding customers will appreciate our custom-made leather gloves, that can be crafted in their favourite colours and models. Car lovers will be able to find half-finger and hand-to-hand gloves in various colour options, too.

In addition to the gloves we offer a wide range of accessories, ideal for those who have in mind a precious and sought after gift, such as men’s / women’s wallets, rain and wool hats, men’s belts, Ermenegildo Zegna’s men’s underwear, snap umbrellas small and big, silk and wool scarfs, women’s summer t-shirts Braccialini, all carefully selected among the best brands on the market with manufacture made in Italy.


Historical company

Moda del Guanto since 1905 is the only shop left in Turin with over a century of activity, recognized in 2011 as a historic brand by the Torino Chamber of Commerce.
From 1905 to the present day, the shop has served a clientele that has always been looking for elegant, evening, sports and other occasions. In those distant periods the gloves, in this case, were of classic bills and colors such as beige, black, blue, gray, suitable for being worn at the time of the day.

Over the years, successive modes have introduced the introduction of newer, brighter colors, intonated with various garments, with innovative shapes and designs and a wide range of choices. Of course, classic gloves, with their characteristic nuances, are always available.

Moda del Guanto

1 month 2 weeks ago

“L’eleganza è la sola bellezza che non sfiorisce mai.”

Moda del Guanto

2 months 3 weeks ago

🇮🇹 Dal 1905 Moda del Guanto rappresenta un simbolo di eccellenza e professionalità nella storica città di Torino.

🇬🇧 Since 1905 Moda del Guanto represents a symbol of excellence and dedication in the historic city of Turin.

Credits: Models Francesca Anastasi Luca Merlo Pich | 📷 Ph. Patrizia Corbianco Photographer

Moda del Guanto

2 months 4 weeks ago

Women’s fashion Gloves 💚
• Handcrafted leather gloves with cashmere lining
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